Wonderful way to cure constipation

This is the best and fastest remedy for constipation that has been tried and raised by so many bloggers and while it’s completely natural and safe, why don’t you just give it a try to say good bye to heavy stomach for good?

Simply add one spoonful of castor oil into 3 to 6 oz (50 to 100ml)  of prune juice in a coffee mug and heat it for 45 seconds. Allow it to cool for 30 seconds then give it a good stir and drink all of it, within 5-10 minutes.

This works best on an empty stomach when you just wake up.

Some notes to remember when using castor oil for treating constipation is as below, kindly read instructions thoroughly:

First of all,  Do not use castor oil if you are pregnant.

Pregnant, breastfeeding, and menstruating women should not use castor oil. Other people who should not use castor oil to treat constipation include:

    • People experiencing severe abdominal pain
    • People with intestinal blockage or gallbladder disease
    • People with nausea or vomiting
    • People experiencing undiagnosed abdominal pain or rectal bleeding
    • Castor oil should not be taken with a diuretic unless supervised by a physician. Electrolyte imbalances can result, particularly regarding potassium.

Determine the proper dosage. There are a few different guidelines for determining the proper amount of castor oil to take.

  • If you’re taking castor oil under a doctor’s guidance, take the proper dosage she prescribed.
  • Some bottles of castor oil come with specific dosing instructions. Read the label to see if there is a recommended dose.
  • If your doctor hasn’t prescribed an amount and the label doesn’t recommend a dose, the general rule is 15-60 mL for adults and and children over 12, 5-15 mL for children age 2-11 years, and 1-5 mL for children younger than 2 years.

Expect a bowel movement within a few hours. Castor oil may work in as little as 2 hours or as much as 6 hours. If you don’t have a bowel movement in this time, you may have a more serious problem like an intestinal blockage or impaction. Consult your doctor right away.

  • Don’t take castor oil at night, as the laxative effect is usually very rapid.

Discontinue use after 7 days. Castor oil is usually considered a temporary treatment for constipation and is not meant to be taken long-term. Unless under a doctor’s supervision, you should not take castor oil for more than 7 days at a time. This could risk an overdose or increased dependence on castor oil to stay regular.

  • Overusing castor oil can also cause dehydration and electrolyte imbalance.

Watch for signs of an overdose. As long as you take castor oil as directed, this shouldn’t be a problem. If you experience any of the following symptoms, however, you should stop use and contact your doctor.

  • Prolonged diarrhea.
  • Serious abdominal pain.
  • Dizziness or confusion.
  • Vomiting.
  • Shortness of breath or chest pains.
Contact your doctor if you still have problems with constipation. If you’ve taken castor oil but are still having digestive issues, you may be suffering from a different condition than simple constipation. Visit your doctor and see if there is another cause for your constipation.
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