The magician of Nature – Turmeric

Tumeric is a direct family member of Ginger and has been used by Native Asian Populations for Thousands of Years because of its Powerful Medicinal properties as well it’s wonderful Aroma and Taste.

The secret of success behind Tumerics Medicinal Properties is that it is a natural source of “Curcuminoids” which are full of very strong Antioxidants and has Anti-Inflammatory effects.

For Thousands of years Tumeric been used to treat a variety of disorders such as Indigestion, Throat Infections, Common Colds, Fever, Liver Ailments as well as to Cleanse Wounds and Treat Skin Sores.


You can see why we are so excited to offer our Tumeric Extract Powder for your regular Health and Wellbeing!


The best part is that you can bring our Healing Tumeric Powder into any daily routine, We recommend using this in your morning Tea or Coffee, Your Cooking and even is a great tasting addition to Yoghurt, Smoothies or Milk Teas!

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